Winter 2023 Update

Hello other selves! We hope everybody’s seeking is going well in 2023, and we have a few announcements:

First, our core channeling circle has some membership changes. Jade and Claire have exited, and we’ve recruited two new working group members to join Steve and Jeremy at the Channeling Intensive 4 to occur in the summer of 2022. This will likely involve a lot of training, but we should be able to produce some material for publication at the High Altitude Receiving Center.

Second, we have a new YouTube channel! We’ve published some of the channeling of the intensives as well as Richmond Meditation Group sessions. Jeremy is also putting (inaudible) episodes on there progressively as well. Some presentations on the Law of One will also be forthcoming.

The goal this year is to have some sort of in-person gathering in the fall. If that turns out to be feasible, we’ll announce something as soon as possible.