About the Working Group

The Other Selves Working Group is a non-hierarchical union of spiritual seekers who have come together as equals for the purpose of  living our lives as a study of the Law of One. We strive to maintain a focus on living according to the  philosophy promulgated by the  Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. This involves helping each other balance in our lives and offering service in our daily lives in such ways as befit our abilities. As dedicated seekers who engage in personal spiritual work as a condition of participation in the working group, we also attempt to lighten the planetary vibration through all loving means available to us.

The core of the Confederation’s message is one of using experience to learn spiritual lessons, to better know ourselves, and to serve our other selves. To this end, we support each other in our personal struggles and help each other make the best use of our precious time in third density. Since conspiracy theories, exotic phenomena, UFOs, and the like are not foundational to this mission, we acknowledge this information but do not place much emphasis on it. Doing the individual work to discipline the personality, refine our desires and intentions, and be there for each other and the planet gives us our primary focus.

We maintain a limited public profile as our goal is not simply to spread the good word of a new gospel. Instead, we want to maintain a flexible openness to seekers who happen to come upon our work, and in this way perhaps to help them upon their path. We will happily talk with any seeker who is looking for support, guidance, or simply a friendly other self with whom to chat. Working group members will engage in one-on-one dialog to help these seekers discover their own path and provide resources as needed, anything from counseling and book recommendations to help forming their own working groups. By spreading these intimate working groups in a slow, deliberate, careful way, we hope to create the precursor of social memory without any authority at its center. Horizontalism is a core value, not quick growth or mass exposure.

We have a number of projects in the works as forms of service to the spiritual community surrounding Confederation philosophy. Our first project has been a channeling circle somewhat based on techniques laid down some years ago by Carla Rueckert. We will be publishing the material generated by the channeling circle at the High Altitude Receiving Center along with past Confederation channeling that members have created with L/L Research.

The second project is a new, peer-reviewed journal focused on Confederation philosophy and the Law of One. Called the Low Altitude Resource Coalition, this journal will solicit submissions from seekers and scholars to publish timely, accessible, and nuanced commentary and analysis. We are happy to work with any writers who wish to include their work in the journal. Please visit the site for more information on how to submit articles and to read the pieces we publish.

Third, we offer technical resources to seekers through our socialmemorycomplex.earth project. This work in progress consists of web publishing infrastructure, video chat services, and a social network for private circle and working group-wide communications. We will provide more details as these resources come online.

Finally, one of our members co-hosts a podcast called “(inaudible) which provides commentary and analysis of Confederation messages for listeners. This project is not an official working group production, but it serves as another outlet for the wide array of media preferences held by seekers. We plan to interview working group members as we provide conversational inroads into more serious study and living within the Law of One milieu.

Our projects are simply expressions of our service; the central work lies in our daily lives, living as the best channels of the Creator’s love we can be. Our union is only as valuable as it serves our seeking and growing. This requires us to make some basic commitments to each other which are criteria for working group participation by others:

  1. We engage in daily meditation.
  2. We have a working knowledge of the Law of One philosophy
  3. We are willing to be vulnerable to each other and assist one another with respect for our individual paths.

If this describes your area of interest and you would like more information, you are welcome to contact us. Love and light to you and yours. We leave you with this concept from Q’uo:

What service to others is all about is taking that same group which, indeed, needs to be of service to itself, and encouraging its own members in their services to others, and turning each person outwards so that when the hands are again held and the energy [again] is moving from the left to right hand, the energy then moves clockwise, the service-to-others direction[1]. Realize that whatever your service is to be, it has to do with facing outwards and offering without any expectation what it is you feel you can do and may do to be of spiritual service to another. Never stop holding hands with those companions you have been blessed with along the way, and gazing into each others’ eyes and enjoying the sharing of the group energy that feeds you, but always remember that those who truly wish to serve shall be turning vulnerably outward and offering the gift of self, with the Creator shining through, that light may be seen in a dark world.

Q’uo, June 19, 1988