The 2024 Agenda

Happy new year, other selves! Thanks for your support during the last year. As we near our fourth year of operation, the Other Selves Working Group has big plans and some updates.

  • The Richmond Meditation Group is planning to do a channelling session once a month this year, and as the first installment we held a session Saturday in which we made contact with the social memory complex of Oorkas, a newly fourth density planet briefly contacted by the L/L Research circle in 1981. Personally as instrument, I find it refreshing to make these fourth density contacts; while Q’uo and the fifth density contacts with Auxhall and Monka are exhilarating in their own right, I have a soft spot for the less intense and warmer vibrations coming from the density of love and understanding. Oorkas takes their place among the pantheon of fourth density contacts occupied by Laitos and Hatonn, and with their third density experience so comparatively recent, I imagine we will have some interesting perspectives from them as we proceed.
  • After a long holiday break, I’ve gotten back to recording the (inaudible) podcast, this time featuring our senior channel and retired philosophy professor Steve Tyman. Steve and I just released the first installment of a series focusing on deep conversations around the 22 archetypes, and this episode focuses on the first five stations of the mind and body cycles. Check it out and let us know what would be helpful to cover in our next episodes!
  • The Working Group plans to meet in person for the first time in Estes Park, Colorado in June. This is not going to necessarily be a channelling-heavy meeting, as we’re really trying to get to know each other better and build relationships that can serve us as we conduct our internet-mediated seeking. We’re still trying to get the timing of a sixth channelling intensive settled.
  • Here’s some ancillary projects in the works:
    • If you’ve studied Confederation philosophy for a while, meditate daily, and are willing to make a deep commitment to mutual support, mirroring, and vulnerability, you may be ready to join a new, independent working group. Reach out if you’re interested; I’m planning on helping organize one this year, but interest has been sparse.
    • We’ve been talking about a peer-reviewed academic journal for scholarship around the Law of One for a while now, and our intention is to launch this with several pieces sometime in 2024. If you have a piece, send it to me; I’m working on submission guidelines and processes, but for now we can just do it low-tech and simple. The goal is not just publishing online but releasing a hard copy of our journal, tentatively titled “The Way of One.”
    • If you’re a seeker who has nobody with whom to discuss your spiritual path, life’s travails, and ideas about Confederation philosophy, reach out to me. I conduct one-on-one conversations with seekers across the globe, and I’d be happy to jump on a call with you.

OK, I think that covers things for now. Have a great 2024 and stay in the love and light!

Jeremy 💚