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Spring 2024 Update

Happy Spring, other selves! I wanted to give y’all an update on our activities.

  • The Richmond Meditation Circle is continuing to hold monthly channelling sessions this year, although we skipped March. We had a very interesting contact with Monka at the end of February, and we’re holding another session on April 14th. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.
  • The Working Group was originally designed to address the needs of those seekers who have been studying Confederation philosophy for many years. L/L Research and countless online teachers and groups address the needs of those who are just getting started with the Law of One. However, I am experimenting this year with an online Law of One Q&A session tomorrow, April 7, at 7:00 PM (RSVP here). This will be an opportunity for beginners and less seasoned seekers to ask questions, no matter how basic. I’m considering this not simply a service but also research into the needs out there to inform the development of new educational resources that don’t rely on the Ra Contact, which is after all difficult for many to read. 
  • The next episode of the (inaudible) podcast should drop shortly, focusing on working with the shadow self within all of us.
  • Out of 11 Working Group members, 8 are traveling to Estes Park, Colorado for our first Other Selves Working Group Gathering in June. This is the culmination of much work and planning since the formation of the Working Group in 2020. We plan to keep y’all posted throughout by sharing those presentations and channelling sessions that come out of it. Your support continues to be appreciated.
  • My book on the Richmond Meditation Circle’s contact with the Confederation is almost finished, and I hope it will be available this summer. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.
  • Finally, we’re still working on getting the Council for Social Memory non-profit organization up and running, narrowing the initial mission to providing tools and resources for seekers to create and run their own Working Groups. Visit the website and sign up if you’re interested in contributing to this mission of decentralizing contact with the Confederation.

That’s it for now! All the best in the love and the light,


The 2024 Agenda

Happy new year, other selves! Thanks for your support during the last year. As we near our fourth year of operation, the Other Selves Working Group has big plans and some updates.

  • The Richmond Meditation Group is planning to do a channelling session once a month this year, and as the first installment we held a session Saturday in which we made contact with the social memory complex of Oorkas, a newly fourth density planet briefly contacted by the L/L Research circle in 1981. Personally as instrument, I find it refreshing to make these fourth density contacts; while Q’uo and the fifth density contacts with Auxhall and Monka are exhilarating in their own right, I have a soft spot for the less intense and warmer vibrations coming from the density of love and understanding. Oorkas takes their place among the pantheon of fourth density contacts occupied by Laitos and Hatonn, and with their third density experience so comparatively recent, I imagine we will have some interesting perspectives from them as we proceed.
  • After a long holiday break, I’ve gotten back to recording the (inaudible) podcast, this time featuring our senior channel and retired philosophy professor Steve Tyman. Steve and I just released the first installment of a series focusing on deep conversations around the 22 archetypes, and this episode focuses on the first five stations of the mind and body cycles. Check it out and let us know what would be helpful to cover in our next episodes!
  • The Working Group plans to meet in person for the first time in Estes Park, Colorado in June. This is not going to necessarily be a channelling-heavy meeting, as we’re really trying to get to know each other better and build relationships that can serve us as we conduct our internet-mediated seeking. We’re still trying to get the timing of a sixth channelling intensive settled.
  • Here’s some ancillary projects in the works:
    • If you’ve studied Confederation philosophy for a while, meditate daily, and are willing to make a deep commitment to mutual support, mirroring, and vulnerability, you may be ready to join a new, independent working group. Reach out if you’re interested; I’m planning on helping organize one this year, but interest has been sparse.
    • We’ve been talking about a peer-reviewed academic journal for scholarship around the Law of One for a while now, and our intention is to launch this with several pieces sometime in 2024. If you have a piece, send it to me; I’m working on submission guidelines and processes, but for now we can just do it low-tech and simple. The goal is not just publishing online but releasing a hard copy of our journal, tentatively titled “The Way of One.”
    • If you’re a seeker who has nobody with whom to discuss your spiritual path, life’s travails, and ideas about Confederation philosophy, reach out to me. I conduct one-on-one conversations with seekers across the globe, and I’d be happy to jump on a call with you.

OK, I think that covers things for now. Have a great 2024 and stay in the love and light!

Jeremy 💚

Winter 2023 Update

Hello other selves! Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season. Just some quick news items to share:

  • If you haven’t checked out the (inaudible) podcast, give it a whirl. Nithin and I address various topics in life through the lens of Confederation philosophy, directly referencing channeled material. Our latest episodes have focused on the philosophical problem of evilconflict and peace, and addiction. You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts normally, go to the website and subscribe or listen, or view video episodes on the Working Group YouTube channel where you can discover our other media projects. This podcast is part of our project to make the Law of One accessible to regular people, focusing less on the exotic and more on the everyday catalysts of life.
  • The Richmond Meditation Circle made contact with the social memory complex of Auxhall on Saturday, and we’ve made the transcript, audio, and a YouTube version available. Thanks to Joe, David, Ken, and Brian for making this session possible! Auxhall addresses our concerns about the contingent nature of seeking in a chaotic, frustrating, and increasingly mediated illusion with a message that is classic Law of One with a bit of Buddhist “the obstacle is the path” philosophy to boot.
  • While there hasn’t been sufficient interest for me to help form a new working group, I’m still interested. Reach out if you’d like to consider this opportunity.That’s all! Happy holidays, and here’s to a great year of seeking the Creator in 2024!

All Fifth Channeling Intensive Records Published

As of this evening, I am pleased to announce that all nine transcripts and audio recordings of sessions from the fifth channeling intensive have been released to the public. The intensive had an overarching theme of will, also covering related topics such as desire, memory, and polarity. It was held November 3-8, 2023 in Estes Park, Colorado. You can find transcripts and recordings indexed at:

These are only the first drafts; we’ve done a lot of checking, but there could still be errors, and we’ll correct any you bring to our attention. Thanks for your support; we should have more announcements within the next month or so. Until then, please share any reflections you have on the latest work, and stay in the love and light!

Squaring the Calling at the Fifth Channeling Intensive

Happy Halloween, other selves! Just a quick note to update you on our upcoming event and to ask for your help as comrades in seeking the one infinite Creator.

All through October, the working group has been meeting nearly weekly to hone the program for our upcoming channeling intensive. While not all members will be physically present, we recognize that it is the calling of seekers, their focused intentions, love, and light, that creates the possibility of contact with the Confederation. Trained instruments are important to be sure, but they cannot make contact reliably possible on their own. The energies of others are always a crucial balancing and strengthening force in seeking inspiration and information from our brothers and sisters from afar.

In session 7 of the Ra contact, those of Ra explain the squaring effect. The more mind/body/spirit complexes who call for guidance and help, the stronger and clearer the contact. While Ra was referring to an implicit, perhaps unconscious calling, we know that tuning consciousness is not just something that instruments are capable of performing. It follows that explicit, conscious calling must increase the strength of contact greatly.

Therefore, we are asking all seekers who share our mission to expand and deepen the frontiers of spiritual inquiry to help us make the fifth intensive a united effort. Our theme for the week is the use of will. Over the last month, the working group has assembled in excess of a dozen questions carefully crafted to probe different aspects of will in light of Confederation philosophy.

If in your meditations, prayers, and mindful moments over the next week you can lend your love, light, and will to calling for information and inspiration on this subject and asking for the Creator’s help for the intensive, I believe we can forge a bold new chapter in spiritual inquiry on this planet. We can create a fresh model for the channeling phenomenon that mobilizes this squaring effect consciously, enlisting seekers’ focused attention to empower this work and serve the Creator more deeply and richly. Our goal is to make channeling a group endeavor in every way possible.

We do not think a specific slogan or mantra is necessary; those who have studied the philosophy will understand the sublime nature of intention and that the Creator’s love and light goes where it will. I will be posting as many updates as possible on this newsletter to keep you informed of our progress. We’re keeping expenses very low this time around by meeting at a member’s house, so funding assistance is not urgently needed. However, if you’d like to express financial support anyway you can contribute here.

Thanks for your support, and we remain your friends in the one infinite Creator’s love and light.

Autumn 2023 Update

Greetings, other selves, in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. I wanted to share some updates on our project. We’re at an exciting time when many decisions are being made.

First, the big announcement is that we are organizing our fifth channeling intensive from November 3-8 at our senior channel’s home in Estes Park, CO. This time around we are attempting to integrate the entire working group’s seeking into our planning and intention setting. The goal is to start experimenting with what fully engaging our entire group in channeling looks like, since channeling is a group endeavor. We also want the balance and perspective that comes from a greater number of trusted collaborators all putting their energies into a working. This is a big development in our project, to which we are dedicating all our meetings for planning and intention-setting.

If you’d like to help with our expenses — which are much, much lower than in the past, since we do not need to rent a house this year — you can donate here. Any excess not used will be put towards future Working Group events as we try to make our activities inclusive to members regardless of economic means. We also continue to offer a small pocket edition of our fourth intensive sessions available for purchase here, with all proceeds going into the same fund.

Second, if you are interested in participating and you meet our requirements, we are putting together an open house for new members likely sometime in late November or early December. This would be an online video chat where I can go over the process and crowdsource ideas from you on a new, affiliated but independent group. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in. The likely outcome of this would be a brand new circle where we can build trust amongst each other, while also opening you up to the existing meetings and activities we run. If you are not already in touch with Jeremy, reach out to him if this interests you.

Third, we’re continuing to plan what a non-profit Law of One umbrella organization would look like. We’re working on the paperwork, and we’ll keep you posted on our status. Let us know if you have any ideas or concerns.

Finally, in order to get me warmed up for the intensive, the Richmond Meditation Circle is planning a practice channeling session for Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 2pm EST. We do not hold sessions open to the public; however, if you are interested in participating in some capacity, reach out and we can discuss options. 

That’s all! I’ll send out further details about our open house soon, and keep an eye out mid-November for new channeling sessions at the High Altitude Receiving Center. In the meantime I wish you productive seeking in the love and the light of our One Infinite Creator, and don’t be a stranger!

New materials available and more

Hello other selves, hope your late summer is going well. Really quickly, I wanted to announce some new developments:

  1. In order to achieve some breathing room for the next intensive, I have created a small, 150 page pocket book sized edition of the fourth channeling intensive transcripts with a short preface. While all of this material is available for free, if you’re like me you like reading paper more than pixels. Therefore, we are publishing this edition via Lulu as our first project, and all proceeds directly benefit the Channeling Intensive Fund we are creating to help make future channeling more sustainable, frequent, and inclusive. While this book will eventually be available from bigger outlets, for now go to to check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for more books in 2024, as I’m working on a book all about the fourth and fifth density sessions conducted with the Richmond Meditation Circle.
  2. Speaking of Richmond, the circle conducted a channeling session visited by the social memory complex of Monka on Saturday. Due to advances in online transcription services and the quick reviews of Working Group comrades, we are ready to make this transcript and recording available in record time! It’s a curious session; Monka usually focuses on social and communitarian issues, and one could read their discussion of desire, aligning with the Creator’s will, and magic in that vein. However, it may simply be that we are growing our relationship with Monka as a unique fifth density complex in the Confederation. You can find the transcript here:
  3. We are starting to seriously plan for a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that can democratic account for funds as we tiptoe into raising them. Please reach out if you are interested in being part of this planning. If you’ve already reached out on the Council for Social Memory website, I’ve got you, but if not, that’s a great place to register your interest:
  4. Finally, I would like to inaugurate a new working group in 2024. Many seekers have been chatting regularly with me, and I think we have enough at this point that it might be time to make introductions and start the process. Reach out to me at if you’re not already part of this process.

That’s all for now! Thanks for subscribing, and as always, reach out if I can be of any assistance. I remain yours in the love and the light,


Summer 2023 Update

We are preparing to release eleven transcripts and recordings from the Fourth Channeling Intensive in June. Thanks to Nithin, our newest instrument, for preparing himself and performing in a stellar manner. The event was not without its challenges, but we were able to bring through some truly groundbreaking information from the Q’uo principle. Here are some of the topics:

  • the varying duration of densities across different octaves
  • the shadow self and the authoritarian personality
  • how to relate to cynicism within oneself
  • what is meant by “efficiency” in spiritual evolution
  • time/space and its polarity

Those are heavy themes for one’s first foray into channeling, so kudos to Nithin for the hard work and wonderful service you have rendered. You can view all the details of the sessions at the High Altitude Receiving Center’s Fourth Channeling Intensive page once they are published.

Given our repeated successes in running these intensives, we now believe it is time to incorporate the Working Group members who are not instruments. Channeling is group work, and non-instruments play a crucial role in helping us plan for areas of inquiry ahead of sessions, helping solidify a seeking intention, and in tuning and strengthening the calling for contact. This would additionally be an opportunity to witness channeling firsthand and see whether it resonates.

As the intensives incorporate more people, they will need more resources. Funding out of pocket may not be sustainable. We are asking for help in envisioning and launching a non-profit that could transparently and accountably manage funds to ensure that intensives and other future events are resourced in a way that does not exclude any sincere seeker in tune with us. Reach out to Jeremy if you’d like to help with this or have other ideas for raising funds for our work.

Another development that may require resources concerns the handful of seekers who have reached out to us in the last year. Those who have continued to have one-on-one check-ins with Working Group members may be ready for membership themselves, but we must be careful not to overly disturb the trust we’re building in our stable, small group. One idea I had was to create a new, separate Working Group. If anybody is interested in thinking this through, or if you would like to be considered for membership in a new Working Group, reach out to Jeremy.

Finally, the Richmond Meditation Circle is planning to hold at least three more Evening Group Meditation sessions. The next session will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 2:00 PM EST, although this is subject to change. We only allow 5 remote participants, so let Jeremy know as soon as possible if you want to join remotely or in person.

Spring 2023 Update

Happy spring, other selves! The working group is strong and looking forward to the upcoming Fourth Channeling Intensive. This year we will be bringing our newest channel up to speed and continuing to build a body of material that pushes the envelope of seeking in this beautiful and mysterious creation. We are redefining the intensive event to more and more incorporate serious seeking on all members’ parts and not just within the working group.

The Richmond Meditation Circle has gotten off to a great start this year, finding opportunities to bring three channeled sessions to the seeking public that reach back to the very first conscious contacts with the Confederation:

In bringing messages from fourth and fifth density complexes, the circle is tracing the steps of past groups, attempting to keep channels open for all contacts that might be possible. Q’uo is more and more a contact made during the intensives, where the sixth density nature can be properly supported in a setting with multiple channels and more refined energies of those seekers who participate.

In other news, our Youtube channel is starting to accrue a variety of content, from channeled messages to the (inaudible) podcast to recordings of working group meetings that other seekers might find useful. Knowing that many seekers prefer this type of content, we intend to continue placing our content in the public setting whenever possible and respectful. We also started a Github organization to begin to facilitate technical projects such as a centralized channeling repository for Confederation content across all Law of One-oriented groups such as Circle R and that led by Richard Miller. Stay tuned for more details!

Finally, the working group considers itself nearly at capacity at this point for the kind of intimate working, sharing, and support that we seek to do within the boundaries of the trust circle we have built. There is a demand, however, for this kind of organized small-scale seeking, and it needs to be addressed. It is also clear that we cannot go on self-funding this project or any others indefinitely, and if seeking in this close-knit way over the internet is to continue to grow, resources will be needed. Therefore, Jeremy has launched a new project called the Council for Social Memory that seeks to create a new, democratically controlled non-profit organization that can help seekers find and found new working groups, projects, and other enterprises. This is not a working group project per se but geared towards all seekers who find value in the Confederation’s messages and seek to live in accordance with the Law of One.

As always, we’re here to build a vibration within our circle that we can then extend to all seekers on this planet. If the Confederation’s messages lately have had a theme, it is one of bringing the planet together, serving in this careful but faithful spirit to prime the planet for the birth of the fourth density child. Keep working on yourselves, and reach out if we can be of any service.