• Winter 2023 Update

    Hello other selves! Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season. Just some quick news items to share:

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  • All Fifth Channeling Intensive Records Published

    As of this evening, I am pleased to announce that all nine transcripts and audio recordings of sessions from the fifth channeling intensive have been released to the public. The intensive had an overarching theme of will, also covering related topics such as desire, memory, and polarity. It was held November 3-8, 2023 in Estes…

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  • Squaring the Calling at the Fifth Channeling Intensive

    Happy Halloween, other selves! Just a quick note to update you on our upcoming event and to ask for your help as comrades in seeking the one infinite Creator. All through October, the working group has been meeting nearly weekly to hone the program for our upcoming channeling intensive. While not all members will be…

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