• Launching HARC

    Members of our working group met in Colorado Springs in July to inaugurate a channeling circle. We are pleased to announce that after careful vetting with trusted seekers, we are ready to publish the first three transcripts of our channeling sessions at the High Altitude Receiving Center. This site will serve as a repository for […]

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  • Launching and more

    Hello, other selves! I wanted to update you on what the working group has been up to over the past year. One lesson I’ve been learning is that a dream takes time to come together, that there’s really no rushing things. There’s been a lot of starts and stops, but it really feels like the […]

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  • Working Group Points of Unity

    In order for our group to orient itself consistently towards service, here are some principles to which we strive to adhere: We are seekers on the service-to-others polarity, grounding our seeking in the Law of One philosophy as transmitted by the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator (“The Confederation”). Therefore, we […]

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