• Fall 2022 Update

    Jeremy here to give an update on developments since the summer. The founding channeling circle met for our third intensive over October 5-10. Jade has stepped away from channeling with us, but we were still able to complete ten sessions on topics ranging from feeling lost on the seeker’s path to the nature of the […]

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  • Summer 2022 Update

    Hi, Jeremy here! Just want to update folks on our progress so far. We are up to eighteen members! This is amazing progress in building authentic community and we look forward to getting started on some new projects. We had a somewhat successful channeling intensive in May in spite of a positive COVID test. We […]

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  • Channeling Updates

    Greetings, other selves! I wanted to update you on our current progress in group seeking. First, the Richmond Meditation Circle in Richmond, VA has released two practice channelings, one with Hatonn and one with Q’uo. These deal with subjects such as acceptance, the dynamics of attempting to overcome challenges, and the way in which change […]

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