Welcome to our new project!

On behalf of all of us involved in this working group, I’d like to welcome you to our site. We’ve been working for a long time to put together a new group dedicated to the Law of One philosophy in its least transient sense: its role in the discipline of the personality, exploration of the self, and polarization towards service to others. What we’ve been able to come up with is a network of projects all being experimented on at once.

The pandemic is affording us a special chance to build online community and get it right. Instead of just building a single platform at which every new seeker is thrown, we are attempting to provide multiple forms of service, everything from one-on-one correspondence to private group study and practice resources. We want to be a group that takes responsibility for our own self-work as well as being useful mirrors for others. That way, problems that arise are merely opportunities that allow us the chance to see the self in a new light.

When the focus is on the richness of the conscious self’s participation in a greater metaphysical reality, there is little time or reason to speculate about UFOs or conspiracies. We do not emphasize the fantastic nature of Ra’s story; it suffices for the story to be a myth in which deeper truths are situated. Myths are designed as devices for focusing belief, and we understand the creative role we play in our polarization and service. Those of Ra said it best when it comes to the flashy stuff: “It is not the specificity of the information which attracts negative influences. It is the importance placed upon it.” (Ra 26.36)

Right now several projects are going on:

  • Joseph Dartez has launched a Facebook group whose members conduct a meditation circle on Zoom Sundays
  • Jade Norby hosts a live Q&A on the Law of One on her twitch channel Wednesdays
  • Jeremy Weiland continues his task of reading the entire transcript library, one per day. He has moved his twitter activities from L/L Research to @otherselveswg and is launching a new blog focused on digesting Confederation messages
  • We are setting up a Matrix / Riot / Jitsi server that will be able to accommodate lots of different projects, groups, etc. We want to encourage groups to form and work together.
  • We’ve recorded an episode for a new podcast that we’re working on!

If you’re interested in working with us in fellowship, contact us.