Launching and more

Hello, other selves! I wanted to update you on what the working group has been up to over the past year. One lesson I’ve been learning is that a dream takes time to come together, that there’s really no rushing things. There’s been a lot of starts and stops, but it really feels like the creative aspects of our project are coming to the forefront. So pretty much scratch any project mentioned in the last two posts and let’s start over.

First of all, the biggest news is that the working group had its first channeling intensive. This had been planned for March 2020 but a certain worldwide event prevented it right about that time — plane tickets and lodging reservations non-withstanding. However, over the next year and a half, we worked remotely to practice our skills and help each other hone our skills in preparation.

The result of doing our homework ahead of time was twelve Laitos and Q’uo sessions on a variety of topics and plans to meet again for an intensive in January 2022. Currently we are vetting these sessions — normally, we wouldn’t consider sharing our first attempts at channeling. However, the results we achieved struck me as nothing short of extraordinary — the two brand new instruments really took off faster than I’ve ever seen a new channel do so. We believe we might have developed some techniques for allowing groups who don’t live near each other the ability to use time wisely to practice between meetings.

Should we decide to publish any of our transcripts, such material will be published at the High Altitude Receiving Center, our new site which will catalog our current and past channeling of Confederation entities. We’ll update here when things get published there.

We’re also about to launch the Low Altitude Resource Coalition, our peer-reviewed journal for scholarship on Confederation philosophy and the Law of One. If you have any articles or papers that would be a fit, please contact us. We’ll be coming up with submission guidelines shortly.

The inaudible podcast is still being created by me, working group member Jeremy Weiland, and my co-host Ryan Masterson. We are just starting a short hiatus while Ryan welcomes a new child into the world and supports his wife. We’ve recorded eighteen episodes that I’m extremely proud of that break down the Law of One philosophy without dumbing it down. I’m going to try to record solo and guest host sessions with my working group buddies while Ryan gets used to a new life.

Last but not least, we are proud to announce that the first version of has gone live! I’ve been having weekly chats with a small handful of seekers for the past month or two, and I’m excited to offer this new resource to those who are really using their lives to polarize and learn about themselves and the Creator. If you’re interested in joining the community, make sure you contact us.

We’ve got more stuff cooking, but so far that’s a lot of progress. We hope all of this work redounds to the benefit of those who have decided to grasp the baton and walk the path. We are always open to hearing how we can help seekers find their own path. It is only together that we can fulfill our individual destinies to shepherd fourth density into manifestation on this planet.