Channeling Updates

Greetings, other selves! I wanted to update you on our current progress in group seeking.

First, the Richmond Meditation Circle in Richmond, VA has released two practice channelings, one with Hatonn and one with Q’uo. These deal with subjects such as acceptance, the dynamics of attempting to overcome challenges, and the way in which change and transformation introduce discomfort. Please check out those channelings and others from the working group’s founding circle at the High Altitude Receiving Center.

Also, the founding circle will be convening for their second channeling intensive event next week in Colorado Springs. We would ask for everybody’s thoughts, love, and energy as we attempt to deepen our practice. Our work will be published once we have vetted it with the Other Selves Working Group community, which is growing in numbers and dedication.

As always we continue our individual services. Jeremy is still plugging away at reading the entire L/L Research channeling archives, now on the last printed volume. This work informs the podcast he runs, (inaudible), and the most recent episode features a conversation with working group founding member Joseph Dartez on the dynamics between service to others and criticism. You can find that episode here.

All the best in the love and the light, other selves.