Squaring the Calling at the Fifth Channeling Intensive

Happy Halloween, other selves! Just a quick note to update you on our upcoming event and to ask for your help as comrades in seeking the one infinite Creator.

All through October, the working group has been meeting nearly weekly to hone the program for our upcoming channeling intensive. While not all members will be physically present, we recognize that it is the calling of seekers, their focused intentions, love, and light, that creates the possibility of contact with the Confederation. Trained instruments are important to be sure, but they cannot make contact reliably possible on their own. The energies of others are always a crucial balancing and strengthening force in seeking inspiration and information from our brothers and sisters from afar.

In session 7 of the Ra contact, those of Ra explain the squaring effect. The more mind/body/spirit complexes who call for guidance and help, the stronger and clearer the contact. While Ra was referring to an implicit, perhaps unconscious calling, we know that tuning consciousness is not just something that instruments are capable of performing. It follows that explicit, conscious calling must increase the strength of contact greatly.

Therefore, we are asking all seekers who share our mission to expand and deepen the frontiers of spiritual inquiry to help us make the fifth intensive a united effort. Our theme for the week is the use of will. Over the last month, the working group has assembled in excess of a dozen questions carefully crafted to probe different aspects of will in light of Confederation philosophy.

If in your meditations, prayers, and mindful moments over the next week you can lend your love, light, and will to calling for information and inspiration on this subject and asking for the Creator’s help for the intensive, I believe we can forge a bold new chapter in spiritual inquiry on this planet. We can create a fresh model for the channeling phenomenon that mobilizes this squaring effect consciously, enlisting seekers’ focused attention to empower this work and serve the Creator more deeply and richly. Our goal is to make channeling a group endeavor in every way possible.

We do not think a specific slogan or mantra is necessary; those who have studied the philosophy will understand the sublime nature of intention and that the Creator’s love and light goes where it will. I will be posting as many updates as possible on this newsletter to keep you informed of our progress. We’re keeping expenses very low this time around by meeting at a member’s house, so funding assistance is not urgently needed. However, if you’d like to express financial support anyway you can contribute here.

Thanks for your support, and we remain your friends in the one infinite Creator’s love and light.