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Working Group Points of Unity

In order for our group to orient itself consistently towards service, here are some principles to which we strive to adhere:

  1. We are seekers on the service-to-others polarity, grounding our seeking in the Law of One philosophy as transmitted by the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator (“The Confederation”). Therefore, we have read and digested this philosophy and have a working knowledge of it.
  2. We make a commitment to each other and to ourselves to apply this philosophy to our personal, daily lives. This includes our service to others in this group, which we will view as practice for applying it outside the group in our normal lives.
  3. We are dedicated to opening our hearts vulnerably and gently with each other as we bring the fruits of our seeking back to the group. We will support each other on our individual paths and honor the uniqueness of each member. Disharmony will be addressed immediately, with tuning helping us bring our best selves to the situation.

This Q’uo passage accurately describes at a high level the vibration we hope these points of unity establish and preserve:

What service to others is all about is taking that same group which, indeed, needs to be of service to itself, and encouraging its own members in their services to others, and turning each person outwards so that when the hands are again held and the energy [again] is moving from the left to right hand, the energy then moves clockwise, the service-to-others direction[1]. Realize that whatever your service is to be, it has to do with facing outwards and offering without any expectation what it is you feel you can do and may do to be of spiritual service to another. Never stop holding hands with those companions you have been blessed with along the way, and gazing into each others’ eyes and enjoying the sharing of the group energy that feeds you, but always remember that those who truly wish to serve shall be turning vulnerably outward and offering the gift of self, with the Creator shining through, that light may be seen in a dark world.