Spring 2023 Update

Happy spring, other selves! The working group is strong and looking forward to the upcoming Fourth Channeling Intensive. This year we will be bringing our newest channel up to speed and continuing to build a body of material that pushes the envelope of seeking in this beautiful and mysterious creation. We are redefining the intensive event to more and more incorporate serious seeking on all members’ parts and not just within the working group.

The Richmond Meditation Circle has gotten off to a great start this year, finding opportunities to bring three channeled sessions to the seeking public that reach back to the very first conscious contacts with the Confederation:

In bringing messages from fourth and fifth density complexes, the circle is tracing the steps of past groups, attempting to keep channels open for all contacts that might be possible. Q’uo is more and more a contact made during the intensives, where the sixth density nature can be properly supported in a setting with multiple channels and more refined energies of those seekers who participate.

In other news, our Youtube channel is starting to accrue a variety of content, from channeled messages to the (inaudible) podcast to recordings of working group meetings that other seekers might find useful. Knowing that many seekers prefer this type of content, we intend to continue placing our content in the public setting whenever possible and respectful. We also started a Github organization to begin to facilitate technical projects such as a centralized channeling repository for Confederation content across all Law of One-oriented groups such as Circle R and that led by Richard Miller. Stay tuned for more details!

Finally, the working group considers itself nearly at capacity at this point for the kind of intimate working, sharing, and support that we seek to do within the boundaries of the trust circle we have built. There is a demand, however, for this kind of organized small-scale seeking, and it needs to be addressed. It is also clear that we cannot go on self-funding this project or any others indefinitely, and if seeking in this close-knit way over the internet is to continue to grow, resources will be needed. Therefore, Jeremy has launched a new project called the Council for Social Memory that seeks to create a new, democratically controlled non-profit organization that can help seekers find and found new working groups, projects, and other enterprises. This is not a working group project per se but geared towards all seekers who find value in the Confederation’s messages and seek to live in accordance with the Law of One.

As always, we’re here to build a vibration within our circle that we can then extend to all seekers on this planet. If the Confederation’s messages lately have had a theme, it is one of bringing the planet together, serving in this careful but faithful spirit to prime the planet for the birth of the fourth density child. Keep working on yourselves, and reach out if we can be of any service.