Summer 2023 Update

We are preparing to release eleven transcripts and recordings from the Fourth Channeling Intensive in June. Thanks to Nithin, our newest instrument, for preparing himself and performing in a stellar manner. The event was not without its challenges, but we were able to bring through some truly groundbreaking information from the Q’uo principle. Here are some of the topics:

  • the varying duration of densities across different octaves
  • the shadow self and the authoritarian personality
  • how to relate to cynicism within oneself
  • what is meant by “efficiency” in spiritual evolution
  • time/space and its polarity

Those are heavy themes for one’s first foray into channeling, so kudos to Nithin for the hard work and wonderful service you have rendered. You can view all the details of the sessions at the High Altitude Receiving Center’s Fourth Channeling Intensive page once they are published.

Given our repeated successes in running these intensives, we now believe it is time to incorporate the Working Group members who are not instruments. Channeling is group work, and non-instruments play a crucial role in helping us plan for areas of inquiry ahead of sessions, helping solidify a seeking intention, and in tuning and strengthening the calling for contact. This would additionally be an opportunity to witness channeling firsthand and see whether it resonates.

As the intensives incorporate more people, they will need more resources. Funding out of pocket may not be sustainable. We are asking for help in envisioning and launching a non-profit that could transparently and accountably manage funds to ensure that intensives and other future events are resourced in a way that does not exclude any sincere seeker in tune with us. Reach out to Jeremy if you’d like to help with this or have other ideas for raising funds for our work.

Another development that may require resources concerns the handful of seekers who have reached out to us in the last year. Those who have continued to have one-on-one check-ins with Working Group members may be ready for membership themselves, but we must be careful not to overly disturb the trust we’re building in our stable, small group. One idea I had was to create a new, separate Working Group. If anybody is interested in thinking this through, or if you would like to be considered for membership in a new Working Group, reach out to Jeremy.

Finally, the Richmond Meditation Circle is planning to hold at least three more Evening Group Meditation sessions. The next session will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 2:00 PM EST, although this is subject to change. We only allow 5 remote participants, so let Jeremy know as soon as possible if you want to join remotely or in person.