New materials available and more

Hello other selves, hope your late summer is going well. Really quickly, I wanted to announce some new developments:

  1. In order to achieve some breathing room for the next intensive, I have created a small, 150 page pocket book sized edition of the fourth channeling intensive transcripts with a short preface. While all of this material is available for free, if you’re like me you like reading paper more than pixels. Therefore, we are publishing this edition via Lulu as our first project, and all proceeds directly benefit the Channeling Intensive Fund we are creating to help make future channeling more sustainable, frequent, and inclusive. While this book will eventually be available from bigger outlets, for now go to to check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for more books in 2024, as I’m working on a book all about the fourth and fifth density sessions conducted with the Richmond Meditation Circle.
  2. Speaking of Richmond, the circle conducted a channeling session visited by the social memory complex of Monka on Saturday. Due to advances in online transcription services and the quick reviews of Working Group comrades, we are ready to make this transcript and recording available in record time! It’s a curious session; Monka usually focuses on social and communitarian issues, and one could read their discussion of desire, aligning with the Creator’s will, and magic in that vein. However, it may simply be that we are growing our relationship with Monka as a unique fifth density complex in the Confederation. You can find the transcript here:
  3. We are starting to seriously plan for a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that can democratic account for funds as we tiptoe into raising them. Please reach out if you are interested in being part of this planning. If you’ve already reached out on the Council for Social Memory website, I’ve got you, but if not, that’s a great place to register your interest:
  4. Finally, I would like to inaugurate a new working group in 2024. Many seekers have been chatting regularly with me, and I think we have enough at this point that it might be time to make introductions and start the process. Reach out to me at if you’re not already part of this process.

That’s all for now! Thanks for subscribing, and as always, reach out if I can be of any assistance. I remain yours in the love and the light,