Fall 2022 Update

Jeremy here to give an update on developments since the summer.

  • The founding channeling circle met for our third intensive over October 5-10. Jade has stepped away from channeling with us, but we were still able to complete ten sessions on topics ranging from feeling lost on the seeker’s path to the nature of the spirit complex. We’ve started publishing the transcripts here, withholding audio until it’s ready for the public.
  • In personal developments, we want to congratulate Louise on the birth of her daughter Eleanor! We also send warm encouragement to Claire as she makes her transition to presenting as female. She is accepting donations for her new wardrobe on cashapp and venmo at username ClairelyStated.
  • We launched forum.socialmemorycomplex.earth a couple of months ago to create online community-building space for seekers given the decision to shut down Bring4th.org. The forum continues to grow and thrive, and I am hoping we can find folks interested in building their own working groups on the platform.
  • Working Group members Alice and Andy have started a meditation circle in Vancouver! It sounds like they’ve had a few meetings so far, and if they can keep it up I’m planning to visit in the spring of 2023.
  • We’re talking about an event for all Working Group members sometime in the fall of 2023. If you’re interested in planning, let me know.
  • Finally, we’re working on putting together some presentations on topics related to Confederation philosophy. If you’re interested, reach out.